Classes & Curriculum  

Golden Gate Academy has three classrooms serving children from the ages of 2 to 5 years old with a total of 45 children attending each day.

2 Year-Old “Lion” Class: Children must be 2 years old by September 1st and are not required to be potty trained.
Teacher/Child Ratio – 1:6 with up to 12 children in the class each day

3 Year-Old “Cheetah” Class: Children must be 3 years old by September 1st and are required to be potty trained.
Teacher/Child Ratio – 1:8 with up to 16 children in the class each day

4 Year-Old “Tiger” Pre-Kindergarten Class: Children must be 4 years old and are required to be potty trained.
Teacher/Child Ratio – 1:9 with up to 18 children in the class each day

Curriculum and Developmental Skill Areas

We believe that through play and guided learning, children develop all the skills they need for school. Childhood is a time for fun, exploration and self-discovery. Golden Gate Academy offers an environment that encourages the love of learning and provides opportunities to explore new ideas.

Social/Emotional Skills: Most preschool learning comes through play. As children play, they are learning how to work with their peers by sharing, taking turn and developing empathy. Teachers guide this process through activities, discussion and modeling.

Language Skills: Academy teachers read to the children and encourage creative expression. Many activities involve thoughtful discussion, increasing vocabulary and enhancing verbal communication. Age appropriate lessons include letter identification and early writing and reading skills. Our teachers provide a literacy rich environment where the children are encouraged and offered opportunities as they display readiness.

Physical Skills: The physical education aspect of the curriculum provides for the development of large and small motor skills. Large motor skills are exercised through active play such as climbing, running and jumping. This type of play is accomplished through free play and activities designed to work on particular skills. Using hands and fingers strengthens small motor skills. Activities such as cutting, hole punching, painting, holding a crayon/pencil or stringing beads are practiced. The teacher provides opportunity for development of fine motor skills through art activities and play centers with manipulatives.

Cognitive Skills: Children are learning to think and process the world around them. The teacher helps guide them by planning stories, science experiments, social studies themes, math activities, creative expression, art and guided self-discovery.

Creative Skills: Children work with arts, crafts and imaginative play (drama, dress-up and puppets) to explore the world in new ways. The teachers offer a variety of creative experiences for the children to explore.

Spiritual Emphasis: Golden Gate Academy is a Christian school. Your child will learn that God created the world, God loves him/her and God has a wonderful plan for his/her life. Teachers use Hands on Bible curriculum to teach about God through Bible stories, songs, finger plays and crafts.

Daily Scheduled Activities

Though each classroom has a different time schedule to fit the individual needs of the class, all class schedules include the following activities:

Free Center Play – Blocks, dress-up, home-living, reading, listening center, art, writing, manipulatives, sand or water play, puzzles, etc.

Guided Activities – Language arts, math, science, social studies, Bible, art, drama, stories, games, and music

Circle Time – Calendar, unit themes, games, guided reading, weather, music, finger plays and stories

Snack – Provided in the morning and afternoon by GGA and consist of combinations of fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, crackers, bagels, water (juice is not served)

Lunch – Brought from home

Nap/Rest Time – Children in the 2 and 3 year-old classes take naps on cots while the children in the 4 year-old class have a rest and quiet activity time

Specials – Children in the 4 year-old class participate in a special music, art and Spanish time a couple times throughout the week

Outside Play – Sandbox, water table, tricycles, slides, games, running, jumping, climbing, etc

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